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Job Title: Project Engineer
City: Philadelphia
State: PA

1. Ensure that the masons are correctly utilizing the systems designed (new or an existing) including Helifix tie rods, pillar re-building, patch-pointing and star bolts.
2. Present alterations from existing CAD drawings with on-site observations, highlighting discrepancies between as-builts and actual observations. CAD drawings can include plumbing, electrical, framing and mechanical plans. Make an on-site survey of the work done by sub-contractors and
communicate to the design engineer for alterations.

3. Visit the site, survey the existing rooms and common spaces and prepare a report with photos and observations to present projects involving adaptive re-use of old buildings to help future tenants and owners visualize how to retrofit an old building and turn it into modern-looking office
spaces, art studios, gyms and retail spaces.

4. Negotiate with Sub-contractors for work to be done after design engineer receives the work estimates from sub-contractors, review the estimates, compare estimates of similar trades and provide feedback to the project manager on history with the sub-contractor (reliability), subcontractor’s availability and the quantifiable estimate to assure work will be completed within budget and schedule and in the expected quality.
5. Track project schedules developed by the design engineer with help from the project engineer
and compare with on-site observations to assure that the project is on time.

6. Supervise the work done by sub-contractors and assure that the work is done on schedule; if discrepancies are observed, communicate with the project manager to allocate  additional days for completion.
7. Engage in on-site project control of different trades, assuring that the sub-contractors perform the work that is drawn on the plans. Includes study of the contract and the drawings and participating in daily inspections and conversations with the sub-contractors to verify use of correct type of mortar, paint and plaster (influences types of insulation), the appropriate number of studs and tracks when framing, the correct location of electrical and plumbing fixtures.
8. Receive and track change orders to assure that the project is within budget to accommodate the unique nature of retrofitting old buildings, and take into account discrepancies between architectural drawings and actual site conditions.
9. Track these discrepancies and contact related sub-contractors for change orders to obtain approval from project manager before completing the work.
10. Actively participate in an integrated project design, acting as the liaison between the general contractor and project owners and representatives including the architect, project owner, general contractor and leasing team at weekly meetings to discuss the schedule for the week.
11. Prepare a weekly summary for the meeting and respond to any questions related to the work done.
12. Supervise the site to make sure that contractors are following OSHA standards for safety guidelines as an OSHA-30 license holder to monitor friable or hazardous material, appropriate fall-hazard prevention systems in place, appropriate work protection attire, etc.

13. Coordinate with the building leasing team to maintain a healthy and safe workspace for both tenants and construction workers for different phases while some of the floors are tenant occupied while the other floors are in construction to assure the safety of both tenants and workers by coordinating times for elevators, communicating the schedule for completion of noisy work to affected tenants and communicating with tenants and workers of any issues among them.

14. Coordinate on site meetings with contractors, explain the work that is to be done and receive feedback, then report to the project manager all initial observations.
15. Develop an owner’s manual with information related to the work done by the hired team of workers within the scope of the contract that includes information on systems installed that include sprinkler systems, elevators, water heaters, boilers, etc., with specifications, model numbers, reboot information, maintenance information and warranties.
16. Must communicate results verbally and in writing.
17. Perform all of the foregoing using Microsoft Office Suite, Asana, Sketchup and CAD software, based on review, understanding and execution of contract documents, specifications and drawings.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering with a concentration in Digital Building (defined as 15 credits or project/thesis work in Digital Building) and 1 year of experience in job offered or 1 year of experience in the Related Occupation.  OSHA 30 certification is required within 90 days of employment along with a valid driver’s license.


Design Engineer or any other job title performing the following job duties:
1. Design system for façade repair work. Use SketchUp to create an anchoring system that can be welded to a steel column and secured on the other side with a star bolt, providing support to relatively loose portions of the masonry façade to eliminate the need to tear and rebuild the masonry

2. Revise CAD drawings from the lead engineer or architect and make appropriate alterations using comments from both owner and project manager and present the alterations (partition walls, special allocations, bathrooms) to project manager for feedback and final corrections. 
3. Create office renderings with SketchUp using the project engineer’s observations to help future tenants visualize their office spaces in an existing old space.
4. Work with sub-contractors to obtain estimates for work to be done that includes sending permit-ready floor plans to different sub-contractors to receive estimates for work in different trades including plumbing, electrical, foundations, framing, façade works, floor finishes and painting and submit the estimates to the project engineer for review.
5. Create project schedules for upcoming work on the project by phase and estimate and schedule all the work done to assist the project engineer to develop work schedules that are weekly detailed for a variety of 20 different trades.
6. Must communicate results verbally and in writing.
7. Perform all of the foregoing using Microsoft Office Suite, Asana, Sketchup and CAD software,
based on review, understanding and execution of contract documents, specifications and

JOB TIME: Full Time

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