General Contracting

Licensed in PA and NJ, SquallCo is a full service general contractor with over 18 years of experience designing and managing construction projects. With an extensive network of professionals, contractors and the like, SquallCo excels at nimble, creative, value-add projects.

Unique Solutions for Unique Projects. 

We don't renovate kitchens or bathrooms. Well, we do - but not unless they're part of a much larger whole.  What we do mostly (though we have been known to color outside our own box) is work on development projects - residential, but increasingly commercial - with other developers or building owners to create exceptional experiences and returns. 

Equal parts GC, owner's rep, developer, investor - we treat every project as if it is our own. This approach sets us apart in approach, quality and value.


Pictured above was a custom, architectural skylight, created for Stuidio Incamminati in Philadelphia. Working with Kalwall, SquallCo managed the construction of the schools new location, and its focal point, the skylight. Emitting perfect day lighting for art, this is just one example of the unique projects we tend to take on.