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SquallCo is a vertically integrated real estate development company and licensed general contractor. With over 15 years experience in the industry, we have successfully developed hundreds of thousands of square feet of residential and commercial real estate for our own portfolio and as an owner’s representative and general contractor for our clients and parters.

While every project brings its own unique opportunities, we are experienced in all aspects of a project from analysis and acquisition through financing, entitlements, design and construction. Working with a select team of professionals and sub-contractors, SquallCo is uniquely capable of finding, designing, budgeting and building a project in-house and with people we have worked with for many years.  This integration allows us to create financial value for our partners and clients, saves time, and creates efficiencies from start-to-finish.

We work to create well-designed spaces with personality,

value-engineer projects from the start, build effectively and safely, and create value for our clients and partners.


Kevin Romano is the founder and president of SquallCo Development. Starting in 2004, with our first project - a dilapidated old house on 18th street and Montrose in Philadelphia -  Kevin has worked to learn and excel in the development business with a focus on a 360-degree view of projects.  All aspects, from acquisition and financing through design, budgeting, and construction management must be understood and managed for a project to truly work, and with experience (mistakes and stubbornness) Kevin has worked through multiple real estate cylcles, small residential and large Commerical projects, and everything in between.  

Carlos Hillinger is our project engineer with a background in civil and architectural engineering. He manages budgets, helps spec and order materials, and supervises construction, timelines, and more. 


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