We excel at...

  • Site due diligence and evaluation 
  • Zoning and other entitlement work consulting 
  • Conceptual site and architectural design schemes for new construction or renovation 
  • Full project management - from initial analysis through design and construction 
  • Cost modeling
  • Construction management 
  • Owner representation
  • Design + Build services
  • Investment property analysis and due diligence 
  • Capital structuring consulting and services

Client Services

In addition to our own development work, SquallCo provides a wide array of value-added services for our clients. These clients have been both end users and investors wishing to own investment real estate. When working with clients, we provide a single point of contact and guidance throughout the entire project, from acquisition through entitlements and construction. 

Some of our clients are very involved, but many more hire us to manage the entire process with relatively little involvement on their end.  Either way, clients enjoy:

  • A single point of contact and trust for the entire project.  Many of our clients are very busy and successful people, who don't have the time or desire to talk to architects, carpenters, lawyers, etc., etc. Instead of adding 100's of calls and texts a week to their already busy schedules, our clients appreciate having a single point of contact who manages every aspect of the project.  This saves them time, gives them confidence, and allows them to go on with their lives, knowing that their project is in professional hands.
  • Budgeting projections and cost updates. During the planning phase of the project, we create a detailed spreadsheet of expected costs.  It includes everything from hard construction costs to soft permit costs, professional fees, and the like.  This spreadsheet is updated throughout the project so that our clients can always see a fully transparent detail of the costs, and any budget variances, associated with the project.
  • Design. Where many builders use the same cookie-cutter materials and finishes project-after-project, SquallCo seeks the finishes and products that work best for our client and their project, each and every time. We do all the heavy lifting - get the samples, the pricing (complete with our professional discounts), work with the client to create a palette of colors and finishes, and typically provide multiple options and coordinating price for each. Our finishes spreadsheet is tied into our budget, so as we make selections with our client the overall cost of the project dynamically changes and updates.  This allows us to value-engineer the cost of our projects in real time, in conjunction with our client (assuming they want to be involved), and frequently from the comfort of their office or home. When empowered to design a space our way, our portfolio of work speaks to the type of bold, warm design we love and aspire to create.