Owner Representation

SquallCo has worked with a variety of clients, from investors to builders of second homes, as their owner's representative from start to finish on a project. These clients tend to share similar sensibilities.  Often quite busy with their every day lives, they want a single point of contact and a single point of trust to guide their project from start to finish.  

Sometimes "start" means helping the client locate and acquire a suitable site.  Other times, it means that they already have the land, but need a professional to manage the many aspects of a development project: architect, civil engineer, permitting, selection of finishes, cost estimation, contract negotiations, and construction management are all part of the typical process; but this list can frequently grow for more complex projects. For those with high stress jobs of their own, with a lack of experience in an area for which professionals to use, or with a general lack of time or desire to handle this all on their own, we are able to provide a valuable service that saves time, stress, and money.

Whether you're seeking an investment property or commercial space, but aren't quite sure what makes sense, or you're looking to build your shore or full-time home and need guidance, SquallCo has the experience and expertise to make your life easier and your project less costly and more successful and well conceived than it otherwise might have been.