SquallCo Development is a real estate development and design-build firm run by Kevin Romano — working to design and develop residential and commercial solutions for our own portfolio and with like-minded clients. We create unique and highly livable space while employing a 360-degree view of all aspects of a project.

With over 11 years of experience in several market and development styles and geographic locations, SquallCo has honed a well-rounded approach to real estate development and successfully navigates the myriad of challenges present in all projects. This approach guides the entire development process — from site selection through entitlements and design, capital structure, client relationships, construction management and marketing.

We focus on both urban and beachside development and design / build projects and have a portfolio of work spanning from clients building their dream beach-home to a 340,000 sq. ft. former school redevelopment focusing on commercial adaptive reuse.

Our philosophy focuses on three main points: trust and transparency, a comprehensive design approach, and customer service. SquallCo Development is firmly rooted in this commitment to our work and our clients to adhere to these simple principles in every project we deliver.